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"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

-Roald Dahl



As an Evidential Medium and Intuitive I have made it my life's work and purpose to help connect family, friends and loved ones to those who have transitioned to the Spirit World.


An Evidential Medium is one that is able to communicate information and facts such as personality, shared memories and experiences, along with obscure and unique evidence with such clarity that there is no doubt of the validity. 

My passion is bringing forth the true essence and uniqueness of those that have transitioned to the Spirit World through love, humor, and humility. It is truly my honor to reunite you with those that you love in the Spirit World.  This moment is truly where healing takes place. 


I serve spirit through private readings, public events, private events, and teaching diverse Medium and Intuitive workshops throughout the US and the UK. I am currently working towards becoming an ordained Spiritualist Minister as well as certified Spiritualist Tutor and Medium.



When you schedule your reading with me, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where Spirit feels you need the most guidance. 

I have extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Glass Bottle Designs


45-Minute session


During a Medium Sitting, I will connect to a family, friend or loved one that is in the Spirit World. I will give you key pieces of evidence along with personality or shared memories that are unique to them. Please come with an open mind and heart.

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45-Minute session


During this sitting, I will help you gain insight from an energetic level regarding your life path, spiritual guidance or matters of the heart.

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This is a demonstration of Mediumship in a Public Venue, Private Party, or Corporate Setting. Please keep in mind that during a one and a half hour demonstration not everyone is guaranteed a message. Please email for details regarding rates. 

Travel expenses may apply.

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feel the love

My session with Natalie was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I reconnected with my beloved dad and feel closer to him now than I did even at the end of his life. I cried throughout, many tears of happiness and some sadness, but mostly because I just knew it to be true—he really was there with me again in essence and spirit. The accuracy of the details he gave her could only have come from him. I am deeply grateful to Natalie for facilitating such a moving, powerful and unforgettable experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to reconnect with a lost loved one.

Petra K.
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