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Intuitive and Mediumship Development Circle


Mondays from 7 - 9 pm EST


Thursdays from 7 - 9 pm EST

** These circles are currently on hiatus and will resume after the holidays. Please send us an email to be added to the waitlist.

Intuitive and Mediumship Development Circle is designed to be a safe and interactive space to develop and enhance Intuitive and Mediumship abilities. As a teaching medium, it is my honor and responsibility to help guide Circle to make sure that we are working authentically and organically. Each week we will focus on various aspects of one’s abilities through exercises and practice. Circle is meant to build trust not only with your own intuition but with Spirit.  Practicing and building upon your strengths whether they be mediumistic or intuitively, will only deepen connection with Spirit. Please come with an open mind while exploring awareness and consciousness. 

*I recommend bringing a dedicated Circle Journal. This will not only allow you, the sitter, to take notes but it also becomes a fabulous way of documenting your progress with Spirit.

$20 per session or $75 in advance for four consecutive sessions in the SAME month. Payment must be submitted 24 hours in advance to reserve your space.

Please contact below for more information and link via Zoom.


My online classes are meant to strengthen and create an understanding of your Mediumship through one hour personal sessions.


During this time I will help you lay the foundation of your Mediumship and build upon it. You will be guided and challenged during the sessions to understand and strengthen your awareness of the Spirit World.


All sessions are meant to help you reach your full potential and work at your own pace. 


One hour session $100.00

Mentorship Package

All sessions are meant to help you reach your full potential and are curtailed to the individual. A bundle of seven private 60-minute sessions may be purchased for five hundred US dollars instead of an individual one hundred dollar US session.

Pile Of Books

We support One Tree Planted. One dollar, one tree.

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